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Sunday, 4 October 2015


2 shallots
500g/1lb 2oz low-fat cottage cheese
2 tbsps sesane oil
Juice 1 lemon
2 tsps mild mustard
2tsps seasoned salt
3 pinches white papper several psrings of mixed herbs,eg,parsley,dill,lovage Some watercress leaves, nettle leaves and/or marigold petals
2 slices wholemeal bread
2 slices mixed grain bread
4 slices rye bread
10g/ ¼ oz butter
2 carrots
½ cucumber (about 200g/7oz)
2 green sweet pappers Some radishes
1 tbsp dried yeast
1 tbsp sesame seed

Preparation time:
40 minut

Nutritional value:

Analysis per serving,approx:
·        1675kj/400kcal
·        26g protein
·        9g fat
·        56g carbihydrate

To  make :
·        Peel the shallots and chop finely.
              Mix the cottage cheese with the oil, lemon juice,mustard,honey,seasoned salt,pepper and chopped shallots.
              Rinse the herbs,pat dry and chop, leaving aside one or two leaves and springs for the ganish.
              Add the chopped herbs to the creamed cottage cheese.
·        Spread a thin layer of butter on aech slice of bread,and then a much thicker layer  of the cream.
·        Rinse and peel the carrots, then grate coarsely, Cover the two slices of mixed grain bread white grated carrot.
·        Pell the cucumber,slice thinly and arrange on the wholemeal bread on the wholemeal bread.
·        Rise the pappers,halve ,remove the seed and stalk and cut into thin strips.arrange on two slices of the rye bread.
·        Cut the radishes into wafer-thin slices and arrange on the remaining rye bread slices
·        Ligtly toast the dried yeast and the sesame seeds, sprinkle the yeast flakes over the carrot topping and the sesame seeds over the other toppings

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